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Neatness Is Our Weakness

Consistently maintaining a clean environment and atmosphere for our client’s homes and offices.

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Housekeeping & Office Cleaning

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Moving Out Cleaning

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Special Events Cleaning

We offer customized pricing for our clients based on the following:

  • Property Type and Size 
  • Frequency of Cleaning Services Requirement 
  • Type of Clean Required

“We strive for excellence and timely delivery of cleaning services as required by clients.”

Leah Mapurisa
Founder & Manager

We guarantee personalized cleaning service

About Us

Altsweep is a cleaning company founded January 2022 by Leah Mapurisa. Upon the formation of the cleaning brand, Leah had over 10 years experience as a manager in charge of housekeeping services at one of the world coveted destination, a privately owned exclusive resort in Africa.


We guarantee personalized cleaning service and take great pride in the provision of ethical work. We are focused on providing excellent and very thorough service.

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